Hot Water Boilers

The steel boilers of the PACK-P AR range are high performance generators for heating systems for temperatures up to 95°C (on request only for Export market the boilers are delivered for max temperature 115°C). When combined with a hot water tank, this generator can be used also for the production of domestic hot water.
This is a pressurised combustion boiler with horizontal-cylinder configuration and flame reversal in the furnace, completely cooled. The flame produced by the burner develops into the furnace and as it is closed on the bottom, the flue gas returns to the anterior part, and through the cavity obtained in the front door insulation it enters into the tube system.
Here the flue gas is obliged to make a whirling run through the turbolators, which increase the convective heat transfer.
In this way it obtains the maximum absorption of heat without harmful thermal stresses and above all it has a useful output superior to 90%.
After the tube system, the flue gas is collected in the smoke chamber and conveyed to the chimney. The boiler can be equipped with all the traditional liquid or gaseous burners. The burner is installed on a hinge door; in this way the regulation and maintenance operation of the boiler and of the burner are facilitate, it is not necessary to disassemble the burner.
The thermal insulation of the boiler body is obtained by applying a pad of highly insulating mineral wall. Elegant pre-painted steel panels complete the outside finish The pre-wired control panel for the boiler automatic operation is  positioned on top of the boiler itself.
The electrical diagram is housed inside the control panel. An electronic climate adjusting system can be installed on request and provides the boiler temperature adjustment as well as many other auxiliary functions.

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