Shan Engineers was established in 1982 and was reorganized in 1987.  On July, 95 the company was once again reshaped, Shan Engineers and Grand Impex & Engineering was merged together and company was converted into a limited concern by the name Shan Controls (Pvt) Ltd.  Today, as always, the largest business of the company is still focused on the original purpose of providing products and services for managing energy, comfort, and protection in residential & non-residential buildings

Through its controls business, Shan Controls is a leading supplier of engineered and installed systems for commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings.  We have been the leaders in the facility Management Systems/Control Industry for more then a decade

Shan Controls started their operation in Karachi and within 3 years of their re-organization they expanded and established their office in Islamabad to serve northern area of Pakistan.

Shan Controls has dedicated 30 personnel for Facility Management, Fire alarm and Control System and HVAC equipment, has an experience of more then 50 years in HVAC systems. Shan staff is supported by continuous ongoing training.

Shan Controls Pvt Limited isanindependentbusinessentity, tremendous  history  of  success  and enduring traditions of excellence of more then 2 decades,  serving  the  most  diversified  range from Building Management  including  Security  Surveillance and Fire Protection to Co-Generation systems.

The solutions served by Shan Controls help customers in a variety of industries to perform with greater efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness. Its ability of turnkey integration in complex electro-mechanical environments brings Shan atparfrom local competition.